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Blogging for Search Engine Results

Hopefully I won’t lose my blogging license for writing this column, but, as many savvy bloggers know, search engines really like weblogs and if you want to gain more traffic from the search engines -- and who doesn’t? -- using a weblog as a publishing tool is a very smart strategy.

It doesn’t come for free, however, as you still need to create new content every few days (I recommend posting at least 2-3 times per week) and it needs to be focused, on-topic, coherent, and at least a few paragraphs in length (my minimum recommended length is 250 words, or approximately 15-20 sentences). Just remember that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.��?

In this article I’ll talk about the pitfalls of trying to get better search engine results by hiring a standalone search engine optimization (SEO) company and then offer the key elements of legitimate SEO that you can easily apply to your own weblog template design and thereby maximize the value of every page on your site, today and into the future.


Since we’re talking about search engine optimization, I think it’s important to start out by debunking the offers made by the many consultants and firms that offer “better search engine placement��?. Not a day goes by that I don’t see a half-dozen spam messages offering me top placement, for example, but there’s a fundamental danger in this entire industry, one that really highlights why it’s far better to avoid these people entirely. The danger? By trying to trick search engines, you could end up being kicked out of a search engine like Google forever.

Why does advertising site Chitika audit commission payments?

From the outside, it seems like an easy business being the middleman between advertisers who want to pay for traffic brought to their Web sites and ad publishers who want to get a revenue stream from allowing companies to host advertising on their sites. Seems easy, but with the proliferation of 'bots and other ways to spam pay-per-click programs, it turns out to be very tricky to accurately set expectations with both parties, get paid, and distribute commissions accurately and in a timely manner. Worse is when you tell publishers that they've earned a certain amount of commission from their traffic, then dramatically lower that figure at the end of the month when the traffic data is audited. That's exactly what Chitika has done and it's causing some serious unhappiness in the online community:">Why did Chitika audit - and reduce - my commission?

Whether or not the algorithm for calculating fraudulent clicks is accurate, this is unquestionably a challenge that the new company must face with its customers, lest Chitika fans move on to the next vendor with nary a look back.

Google Adsense Update: Section Targeting

I've been working on getting my AdSense revenue to improve ever since I started reading your (awesome) book Growing Your Business with Google, and today a pal told me that I needed to immediately implement section targeting. Can you offer some insight?

Your friend is definitely on the ball with this one! I haven't even had a chance to talk about it on my Google book blog (at yet, though if you're reading this entry, you know that I've already fixed that problem! :-)

Understanding "link:" results (book errata)

A reader from Japan kindly points out that I have a subtle gaffe on page 45 of the book, where I talk about the link: attribute to a Google search and encourage readers to experiment by searching for

Of course, if you try that ( search on Google) you won't get the results I promise, but instead will find out that there are no matches at all!

Fortunately, that doesn't mean that I'm no longer in the Google database nor that there are zero sites that point to my site...

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