Before you sign up for any of those scam search engine optimization courses or work with consultants who will harm your long-term business success, you must read this note from recognized business experts Dave Taylor and Steven Van Yoder!

Growing Your Business with Google, by Dave Taylor

Growing Your Business with Google!

A Comprehensive Three-Month Course

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Steven Van Yoder, author, Get Slightly Famous,
Dave Taylor, author of the best-selling Complete Idiot's
Guide to Growing Your Business With Google
Get Slightly Famous, by Steven Van Yoder

Business and marketing used to be characterized by efforts to brand your company and get in front of your customers, but in the twenty-first century, business success is based on findability. It's about creating an online and offline presence that helps ensure that your customers find you.

Your customers are actively looking for your products,
searching for your services and seeking your company -- right now!

And they're searching through Google, on mailing lists, through blogs, and a myriad of other online means. If they can't find you, they're finding your competitors, and that means lost business for you.

Listen to the introductory class right now!

Don't just read what we're saying here, listen to Dave and Steven talk about the essentials of Google, how Google determines what results to display at the top of a search, why search engines are increasingly important to business success and what findability is all about by listening to our introductory course for free:

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In this hour-long call you'll learn about the history of Google and why it's so important to understand the original inspiration of Google's founders, three key aspects of optimizing your Web content for findability, and how to get involved in the important discussions in your market segment rather than just publish yet another online brochure without results.

You're also welcome to download it onto your own Mp3 player, be it an iPod or any other music player, or even burn it onto an audio CD and listen to it the next time you're driving to a client meeting or other business call.

Do You Know How Google Affects Your Business?

Search engines are playing a growing role in helping your customers find, evaluate, and decide whether to do business with you.

Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor

A recent study by Internet research firms Marketing Sherpa and Enquiro demonstrated that search engines are now the dominant force driving most business- buying decisions. Key findings include:

The role of Google - and all major search engines - in today's business world cannot be overstated, and as more and more people search for business products and services online, findability is going to be more and more important in the future.

"Dave has the capacity to communicate geeky issues with charm, humor, intelligence, grace, and understandability. He is captivating. I would go anywhere to hear Dave Taylor speak on any subject." -- Jeff Miller, Director,

It doesn't matter if you're in a large marketing department, a consultant, running a home business or running a business as a second job, your customers are steadily moving online.

If you want to be in business next year, you must take the necessary steps right now to ensure they find can you!

The good news? Once you start thinking about findability, you'll realize that it's entirely possible to turn things around.

You'll need a time commitment and some patience to achieve good, long-lasting results with search engines, but the benefit you'll reap will directly translate into hard cash, greater success, and more personal satisfaction.

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All of the sessions will be recorded and will be made available to registered participants in a password-protected area.

Will Your Business Grow or Die?

Are you interested in maximizing your position on search engines in order to boost your business and attract more clients and customers?

Steven Van Yoder
Steven Van Yoder
Join Steven Van Yoder and Dave Taylor for an information-packed learning program, Growing Your Business with Google. This five-part, three-month teleseminar series and online learning program will show you the secrets "slightly famous" entrepreneurs use to increase their visibility in the marketplace, grow sales, and become more successful.

It's not difficult to rethink your business model in order to take advantage of the growing importance of findability. That's exactly what Steven will be explaining in this upcoming teleseminar with Dave Taylor, author of the best-selling Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google, and nationally known expert on all things Internet and business.

In this series, we'll provide an overview that anyone, even the "technically challenged," can understand and apply. We'll address many critical topics, issues that will help determine how much success your business will enjoy in the next few years.

"These are exactly the strategies and tactics I've been advocating for years, and which I've used to make myself a household name in the sectors I've targeted." -- Shel Horowitz, Author of 'Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World'

Most importantly, you will learn the real secrets to increasing findability through strategically created web content.

Dave Taylor has been involved with the Internet since 1980, "when it was barely a dirt road" on the information superhighway. He has grown and sold a number of online companies. Throughout this class, he'll share how his current web sites have certain features in common and how they have improved his bottom line.

This Workshop is Designed For Your Business

If you're any one of these types of businesses:

After taking part in this program, you'll know exactly how the engineers inside Google, MSN, Yahoo and the other major search engines think about how searches work and what they'd like to see as the future of search.

Much more importantly, you'll also know exactly how to apply that knowledge to maximize your own results, to ensure that your company is maximally findable both today and in the future.

"Dave Taylor was a great presenter and his command of material exemplary. Anyone looking to learn more about anything in his realm of expertise would be well advise to attend one of his seminars." -- Gerard Cote, attendee

Oh, and did we mention that you'll have fun along the way? Dave and Steven are not only colleagues and friends, they're both excited about this subject and have lots of anecdotes, case studies, ideas and even jokes that will help make this teleseminar series one of the best you've attended.

If you've never tried a teleseminar before, it's easy: every week we have a scheduled conference call that you can hook into by phone, from anywhere in the world. A few days after each call we'll make the entire discussion available as an MP3 download, suitable for burning onto a music CD, downloading into an iPod, or listening to at your desk, the perfect way to revisit key ideas and review concepts.

guarantee This course also has a 100 percent money-back guarantee: If after you attend this program, and apply our advice, and still don't see the value of Growing Your Business With Google, we'll cheerfully offer you a prompt refund.

You have nothing to lose and the future of your business to gain.

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A Fraction of the Insider Information You'll Learn

This class isn't about how to program web pages.

Instead, you'll learn how to think like an online entrepreneur and how search engines are impacting the world of business, both online and offline.

You'll learn the basics of optimizing your web site for search engines, identifying compelling content for your customers, and how to join the online discussion.

In our three information-packed sessions, series of homework exercises, follow-up sessions, and mastermind discussions you will learn:

Fun and Informative Both?

We've both been involved with other telecourses, and have found that it's hard to learn and apply new knowledge in a fast, weekly teleseminar. Instead, this course will be divided into three information-packed sessions, followed by a month of hands-on work and collaboration through an email-based mastermind group, followed by an all-participants discussion. But then we'll have yet another check-in call one month later. That's a total of five calls spread across three months of coaching and work!

"Dave's ability to teach coupled with his unique combination of technology know-how, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit is a gift and an inspiration to our students." -- Kerry Benkoski, Extended Education Specialist, San Jose State University

In the three information sessions, we'll have a consistent structure that's been shown by educational researchers to maximize learning and retention: We'll start by fielding questions that might have resulted from the previous session's discussion or assignments, then describe exactly what we'll cover in that session, cover the material in detail, with specific online lecture notes distributed, and finally wrap up by summarizing the two or three key ideas of the lecture.

We will then open up the phone lines for questions ranging from detailed how-to queries for specific entrepreneurs to more general questions about contemporary search engine news, SEO techniques, and the costs and benefits of various tools.

Elapsed time for each session? 50 minutes of lecture, followed by 15-30 minutes of discussion and Q&A.

In addition, you will also be able to join Steven and Dave in exclusive online office hours, two special Q&A sessions. There will not be a formal agenda; the sessions will be designed specifically to allow you to ask questions about your business, your ideas for growing your service, selling your product, potential joint partnerships, and so on.

These two bonus office hours are themselves worth at least $750, based on the current consulting rates that Steven and Dave charge their clients. So imagine having those two hours, plus the lectures, the downloadable audio, and the synergy of being in a class with many other entrepreneurs.

By the way, it's common that class attendees pair up and find that their businesses can work together to mutual benefit; we actively encourage that and will promote it wherever we can, too!

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Our Information-Packed Program Overview

All the ideas in the world aren't worth much if you can't figure out how to apply them to your own situation, and how to utilize them to grow your business, large or small, to the next level. That's why our teleseminars will be highly focused. Listeners will benefit from both speakers having extensive educational experience (in fact, Dave has a Master's Degree in Educational Computing!).

Here's how we're going to divide the topics of our course to maximize your learning and the value of the material to you:

Session One: How Google Works to Increase Your Visibility

Everyone thinks they understand Google and how search engines work, but this first phone call will focus on the real metrics of search success, and what Google and other search engine companies are really trying to achieve with their development teams.

We'll also talk about the importance of findability and how that concept is the heart of business success, whether you're already a raging success or whether you're just taking your first steps as a business.

Key concepts for the first section include:

Then we'll dig into the specifics of what Google is and isn't, how the pieces fit together, and what parts of Google (and modern Web technologies) can help you grow your business in a focused and effective manner.

Using the suite of Google tools the right way can turn your Web site into a profit center even if you don't have any specific products or services, but if you use the wrong tools, or use them the wrong way, you could easily be losing sales and wasting hours every day.

Key concepts for the second section include:

Session Two: Reinventing Your Business for Maximal Findability

This session will focus on how you can rethink your business to take advantage of the future of Google and search engines, how an information-centric company will always win in the future, and how your business can be built around useful and informative content.

We'll also talk about business fundamentals, including how to use Google to identify your competitors and track your marketplace, how to find where your customers are hanging out, and the secrets of tracking customer opportunities online.

Key concepts for the first section include:

With a fair and honest assessment, you can now focus on rethinking your business, determining whether you have the right company name, domain name, logo, design, and even product names. It's not about being fun, it's not about being cute, it's about being found in the first place.

Once a customer finds your site, what will they see when they visit?

Key concepts for the second section include:

Session Three: All about Content and Where to Get It

The core message of this entire teleseminar series is that the most successful business Web sites of tomorrow will be built around informative and expert content, be it articles, blog entries, news commentary, or frequently asked questions from customers. So where does all this content come from?

That's the focus of this third session. It turns out that you probably already have reams of material that you could put on your Web site, pages and pages of useful information that your customers are seeking.

And if they're not finding this type of informative content on your web site, then they're finding the answers to their questions from your competitors.

Key concepts for the first section include:

Now that you have a sense of where your content can come from, what can you do to maximize your results on the search engines? There are lot of best practices, legitimate techniques that even Google recommends to webmasters and entrepreneurs, but there are also dangerous tricks and ways that those "other" SEO guys will encourage you to "game" the system. Are you aware of just how dangerous those techniques can be? What would it mean to you to be banned for life from the search engines?

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that, because we'll steer you right with our Favorite Smart SEO Techniques and our Ten Dangerous SEO Tricks to Avoid. This is a must- listen section!!

Key concepts for the second section include:

Session Four: Momentum Session

Session Five: Momentum Session

All of the sessions will be recorded and will be made available to registered participants in a password- protected area.

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This is A Solid Return on Investment

This is not another teleseminar program that will drown you in information, go over your head with technical jargon that you don't understand, or instruct you to buy more of our products to "really" learn the secrets of success. Nor will it be boring or dull. We've attended that type of teleseminar and we're determined ours will be neither boring nor dull!

Dave and I will provide solid value for everyone who takes part in this program. No matter what business you are in, you can expect to reap significant benefit from your involvement, gaining more ways to promote your business, more ways to gain visibility in your marketplace, and, of course, greater findability for your products and services.

Enroll in Growing Your Business With Google. This program will be conducted as a teleseminar and online learning program that you can participate in live, or complete at your own pace. Here's what you get:

guarantee Don't forget: This course has a 100 percent money-back guarantee. if after you attend this program, and apply our advice, you still don't see the value of Growing Your Business With Google , we'll cheerfully issue you a prompt refund for the price of the course.

Best Regards
Steven Van Yoder
Dave Taylor

Click Here to Enroll Today at the low price of $399.00!

p.s.: We'll be recording the workshop calls and offering Growing Your Business with Google as a program you can purchase later. Those buyers won't have any office hours with Steven and Dave which means that the value of joining the live call is far, far greater than the subsequent package! You really don't want to miss out.

p.p.s.: Lots of the real online marketing industry leaders are on board for this call and have offered to do guest discussion calls for the live class. We can't say who at this point, but we'll just say that the class mastermind group is going to have some amazing synergy and very smart folk involved!